Welcome To The Gambling Mecca!

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Being in an area of the developing world, most would draw an image that is shrouded in mystery and hidden fortune but the Republic of Singapore is actually an emerging centre of not only worldwide finance and commerce, but gambling as an entity. Baccarat, poker, blackjack, craps and sports betting are all enjoyable pastimes that have a rich history.

At Singapore Casino Guide we wish to place an emphasis, and in turn draw attention to the opportunities and thrills involved with gambling in this most exotic of destinations. We’re here for you whether you’re planning a trip to Singapore in the very near future and require an expert’s guide to the best casinos, or simply want to know where you can source information on the closest thing to a Singaporean-styled online casinos with the best welcome bonus on the internet (we recommend https://www.cancasinos.ca/)


With such a vast array of options available to one (online and offline) these days, it is important that a clear distinction is made between the good and the bad, the worthwhile and the timewasters, the accurate and the inaccurate. After all, gambling is an aspect of modern culture which extends far back into our history and as a result, strong measures should be taken at all turns in the road to ensure it survives, while retaining as many of its original conventions and features as possible.

Our era is one which will surely change the face of gambling, and as the shift from the real world to the virtual world takes an increasingly stronger hold on us all – we must endeavour to stay one step ahead of the game at all times.