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Singapore Casino Guide is a website operated by a team of dedicated and knowledgeable individuals with a real passion for the worlds, and particularly for Singapore’s casino and gambling scenes.

With an inherent belief that travel can not only broaden the mind, but fatten the wallet- it is the team’s mission here at Singapore Casino Guide to issue its users with the most accurate and particular of information that is likely to get them ahead during their next visit to the casinos of Singapore, whether in person or online.

With an extremely simple concept to understand, namely the objective reviewing of Singapore’s growing community of casinos and gambling houses, it is the wish of Singapore Casino Guide that user knowledge and perception, when it comes to the rising heartland of our much loved industry ‒ is aided as much as possible.

We hold a true passion for competitive gambling, and invite our users to share in our knowledge of the rather niche area of casinos in the Republic of Singapore. As an often all too  often overlooked, power-house within modern gambling, Asian casinos have been best enjoyed by those local to their jurisdictions for the better part of four decades. However now, as things are starting to change- Singapore Casino Guide is here to help you take your first steps towards that long overdue oriental adventure!

We hope this has given you more of an idea of our mission, if not you could always get in touch via the information displayed on our ‘Contact Us’ page.