Oriental Casinos

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Being spoilt for choice can be both a blessing and a curse. Depending on the circumstances surrounding a particular situation, too much choice can cause reckless decisions to be made and acted upon, which as we know in modern gambling can in turn cause all kinds of serious problems.

As a site intent on ironing out problems of this kind for its devoted community of users, Singapore Casino Guide prides itself on trimming the good from the bad and providing you with an on-going series of intrinsic yet wonderfully descriptive, observational and dependable reviews on land based casinos; currently making waves all the way over in the Republic of Singapore itself, as well as those which are accessible from anywhere in the world via the magic of the internet.

With this, we’ve decided to get you started on your journey towards total Singapore Casino enlightenment by introducing you to some of the more popular current options when it comes to gambling in the style and grace of this exotic region of planet.

Sizing up some land based casinos as well as popular online gambling portals. Read on to discover just what awaits you, should you choose to make the transition from the mundane and western to the enriched, mysterious and oriental. We review the kinds of games offered, the bonus schemes in place, accreditations, security, aesthetics and the ever-relevant subject of software- it is our goal that you will make a decision based on fact as opposed to speculation.