Royal Baby Bets

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Out with sports betting and in with royal baby betting. People all over the world and especially London are swamping betting shops and online gambling sites laying down 1 or 2 quid to bet on Kate and William’s new born. Questions such as the date, name and gender of the royal baby are hot topics with many more such as “will William be holding the baby when walking out of the hospital.”

Many bettors believe the new born will arrive sooner than later, sooner being over the weekend rather than early in August.

So far, bettors seem to think that Kate and William will welcome a princess into the royal family with bets as much as 10 000 pounds on a girl on popular betting site, Ladbrokes. They’ve also bet on the name, Alexandra (Queen Elizabeth the second’s middle name) to be the winner. The frontrunner for the royal bump, be it a boy, is George, after the queen’s father.

In the lead for hair colour are the odds 6-4 that the baby will sport brunette locks like mom, followed by 4-1 being red, blonde and black.

Long term bets have also been made such as the royal baby’s first boyfriend or Girlfriend. Names such as Robert, with 33-1 odds, and Camilla, odds 50-1, are among the popular names.

Bettors have also placed bets on the future career choice of the new royal highness, with odds like 16-1, that baby will follow in dad’s steps and join the air force, 33-1 for a model and 90-1 on him or her becoming a journalist.

Paddy Power has gone so far as to send 4 large men dressed as babies wearing diapers and crowns on the London Tubes towards Buckingham Palace. The William Hill online book, the largest bookmaker in Britain claims to have taken in around 100 thousand pounds in bets from people in about 100 countries. The United States have been excluded from this hot betting topic as it is illegal to partake in such events for now.

“There’s a royal bump of excitement across the country,” says Rory Scott, a Paddy Power spokesman. “Betting and the royal family are two of our favourite pastimes in the United Kingdom.”

Prince William, Kate and their baby