Sore Loser or Beating the House?

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California man sues Vegas’ newest casino for a cool half-million.

What happens when you take in too many of those complimentary drinks and put down a half million dollars (US) at one of Las Vegas’ newest casino hot spots? If it’s not obvious that you’ll lose it, then perhaps maybe you should sue.

Downtown GrandThat’s what Mark Johnston; a California native went to Las Vegas for a weekend getaway and to have fun. The Downtown Grand offered him some rather approachable perks for making his stay there. Some of those perks were some 20 hard alcoholic drinks during a 17 hour gambling session at the casino.

While Las Vegas casinos are strictly regulated and all servers must take an alcohol and gambling addiction awareness program prior to even being able to work, Johnston accuses the Downtown Grand of over serving him and allowing him to drink well beyond his capacity. This drunken state resulted in his losing the $500,000 (US) in one gambling session using a marker that the casino allotted to him.

This would put Johnston in not only a situation with owing taxes on the income but lay into the fact that he lost the whole amount, he’s not very happy about it. Casino executives for the casino claim no responsibility and that as a patron; Johnston seemed capable of making proper decisions and controlling his gambling. Johnston seems to feel differently on the matter.

He filed a lawsuit against Fifth Street Gaming, the parent management company of the Downtown Grand Casino and is suing them for the amount of the marker and his expenses. He claims that their personnel served him well beyond the level of inebriation and the negligence of losing that money falls on them. The casino gravely disagrees but remains silent in their response.

Losing is never fun and the general population seems to side with the casino and view Johnston as simply being a sore loser. The reality is that the casinos are there to take your money and will do what they can do it. Doesn’t that mean bending a few rules? Of course they’ll bend a few rules for a dollar. Does that mean putting somebody into harm’s way? Sure they will but only if you try to hurt them first.