Three Casinos to Visit in Asia

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Every year, Asia attracts a lot of tourists with its beautiful locales, amazing natural wonders, culture and it’s lip-smacking food. However, lately gambling has been turning out as an exciting addition to the list. If you too plan to visit Asia any time soon and do not mind playing a quick game of roulette, poker or blackjack, these are the casinos you should head to:

Paradise Walkerhill Casino in Seoul


If you want to taste life king-style, this is where you need to be. The place is luxurious and is the only casino in the country, which focuses on gamblers from other countries. South Korea is aware of the growing gambling industry in Asia and wants to bank on it with Paradise Walkerhill Casino, which is why you can expect to get the best of everything here. It is also the biggest, most prestigious and the oldest casino of South Korea.

Marina Bay Sands Resort in Singapore

Macao may be on the top when it comes gambling, but Singapore too is also fast catching up. In fact, the country might soon be the next Macao! Good for all you high rollers. The must-visit casino in Singapore is the Marina Bay Sands Resort. However, let us tell you it is also the most expensive of all casinos, so do make sure to brush up on your gambling skills to take home major winnings, at least equivalent to your bills at the resort.

Venetian Macao and Grand Lisboa in Macao

Any list talking about gambling and casinos is incomplete without the mention of Macao. Grand Lisboa and Venetian Macao are among the top picks when it comes to the best and popular casinos of Macao.